When Europass Was a “Horror” School [A Funny Video from 1993]

Our Italian language school was already a bit ‘crazy, from the earliest years of foundation.

In 1993, just one year after the birth of our school, the teachers and our students all had fun together making this ironic video.

It is, in fact, a “horror” video, in which Europass appears as “una scuola particolare“, where students were scared and mistreated from beginning to end by all the teachers.

The video is a bit damaged: this is because it was obviously shot in analog and we could not recover it in its entirety.

You can notice the spelling and grammar errors, demonstrating that were made by the students, who used the video as a pretext to deepen the Italian language.

Anyone who has been to our school will recognize Enzo and Barbara, and see how the rooms of the school have changed!

Who has yet to come, well… you should be very careful HA HA HA HA! 👻😈


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