Learn the Italian Alphabet with this Old Funny Song

You know, once more than now it was enough to line up a few musical words to make a successful song.

It was the time of the “Be-bop-a-Lula“, the times of the explosion of fun and post-war freedom and the rock’n’roll and rythm’n’blues music dealt with nothing but celebrating life.

In Italy at that time a singer, Edoardo Vianello, became famous, whose songs were not about anything but light and superficial things. Simple stories to be sung by the sea, so much so that it became famous for the so-called “tormentoni” that they launched, that is those songs that spread so much that they ended up “tormenting” anyone.

A less famous song by Edoardo Vianello is this: a simple exercise in style, in which a fantastic band accompanies the simple repetition of the Italian alphabet.

It is a very simple thing, that we thought it might help you and have fun learning the alphabet pronunciation in Italian (you can find other resources in this guide on how to learn to speak Italian).

Be careful, because some letters are pronounced as said within words: can you figure out what they are?


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