The Art and Science of Teaching, at Europass

Many of our students in the reviews leave a lot of positive comments about the preparation and updating of our teachers, and this always gives us great satisfaction.

Also because it is certainly not accidental, but it is the result of the activities that the whole Europass school carries out in its entirety.

The answer to this question makes it possible to introduce you to the other fundamental department of the Europass company: the Europass Teacher Academy.

Europass Teacher Academy logo

What is it?

Europass Teachers Academy is the main provider of Professional Development courses for Teachers in Europe. With over 28 years of experience, the school offers short term (1 or 2 weeks) professional development courses for teachers.

Its courses for teachers are offered in 16 cities, in 8 different European countries. Over 5000 teachers and over 2000 language students have registered to its courses in 2019.

For several years it has been a growing reality, from every point of view: the courses increase in number year after year, from the qualitative point of view we involve the best trainers for each topic, and above all the locations available for our courses are widened, even if the operative heart always beats in Florence.

How are teachers trained?

The vast majority of our teachers use the funding for mobility and the exchange of skills of the European Erasmus + program.

Once the financing is obtained, they turn to us to attend a specific course, choosing from these macro-thematic areas:

The most popular courses are:


The quality of the courses is certified to such a point, that the students’ satisfaction from our questionnaires is at 99%, as is also demonstrated by the splendid reviews left by the teachers on Facebook and the School Education Gateway.

All locations

In addition to Florence, where most of the courses are held and administrative offices are located, in common with those of the Italian school, many courses are also held in Barcelona and Dublin, although we have a tight schedule in other locations in Spain, Greece, Germany, Finland, France, and so on. You can discover them all at this link.

You can find out more or stay updated through their brand new blog and the official facebook channel.

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