Continuous Training for our Teachers: ICT-Based Methods for Language Learning

ict4lwul - Learn language smart

Europass and its teachers are always motivated to find inspiration and effective strategies in their job.

That’s why Europass Firenze is a member of ICT4LWUL, a European project whose aim is to develop innovative methods for language teaching, supported by the use of technological tools.

E-learning, web platforms, social media and mobile devices can provide powerful help to make learning more engaging, accessible and fun!

Using professionality and innovation to design effective materials becomes even more important in teaching less widely-spoken languages like Italian.

We are looking forward to proposing our students new lesson plans that incorporate the use of online quizzes, platforms to facilitate communication, as well as exercises to memorize vocabulary easier, quicker and with pleasure. This will happen in the next months!

ICT4LWUL is an international project co-funded by the EU (Erasmus+ field: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training).

Continuous teacher training

Duration: 01.10.2017 – 30.09.2019
Coordinator: Bridge Language Study House (Romania)
Partners: Tallinn Language Centre (Estonia), Debrecen Summer School (Hungary), Studium Modern Languages Centre (Poland), ITC International (CZ)

For more information please look at the project FB page ICT4LWUL.

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