Internship offer (Portuguese translators)

To be eligible you must:

  • be between 18 and 29 years old;
  • not be employed;
  • not follow a regular course of study or training;
  • excellent English (or German or Spanish) knowledge;
  • mother language French and/or Portuguese knowledge.

You will also need to become a Tuscan resident or domiciled, but don’t worry about that: we will offer you all the assistance necessary.
Before joining us you will also be asked to register yourself to the Centro per l’impiego and the Programma Garanzia Giovani. All of these will happen under our guidance.

We offer you:

We ask you: 

  • 5 hours of translation, copywriting and content creation per day, Monday to Friday.
    Translation: From English (or German or Spanish) to Portuguese.

Further information:

If the internship is activated within 24 months of obtaining a diploma or degree, there is the possibility of increasing the duration to 12 months if the activity carried out by the intern is compatible with the course of study.

How to contact us:

Send us an email with your Cv at


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