Italian Gap Year Course

A gap year in Italy is an adventure of a lifetime. Learn a new language, experience the Italian lifestyle, and look at life as you have never seen it before.

With Florence as your home, immerse yourself in the cradle of the Renaissance with its’ impressive monuments, towering cathedrals, and ancient architecture.

Course description

Are you looking to study abroad, travel, and acquire new skills that will benefit your admission to a university and even future employers? Then we have the gap year program for you!

The program will provide you with the opportunity to get a Study Visa for Italy and the European Union, and it will also provide you with the possibility to continue your education in Europe or apply for a work visa for Italy and/or the European Union.

The program from our Italian Language School is the best way to learn Italian, experience the culture and its’ beauty.

It includes, in particular:

  • Linguistic support: 3 to 12 months of Italian Language Course tailored to your current proficiency;
  • CELI Language Certificate* (Certificato di Lingua Italiana) that allows you to enroll in any Italian University afterward.

On request:

  • Accommodation in either an apartment or a host Italian family for a 24/7 Italian experience!
  • Academic orientation on Italian Universities, Faculties, and Degrees for those who want to continue studying in Italy;
  • Administrative support to meet the deadlines and apply for your desired program.

By enrolling in the Program, you have at your disposal a trusted organization with a history of success in welcoming international students, providing them with all the necessary support, and introducing them to Italian culture!

You will have a reliable contact for taking your first steps towards your study abroad experience.

*You need the CELI Certificate B2 to enroll in Italian Universities.

Course details


Every first and third Monday of each month.

Course Schedule

From Monday to Friday, usually from 9:00 to 12:40.


No previous knowledge of the Italian Language required

Type of certification awarded

  • Certificate of attendance
  • Italian Language Certificate valid for:
    • Enrolling to Italian Universities;
    • Getting a Job in Italy and applying for a work visa;
    • Getting your foreign degree recognized in Italy.

Course Price

Months Price
3 1800 €
6 3200 €
12 6200 €

*Prices do not include CELI exam fees (€ 120)

Accommodation in Florence (Optional)

  • Shared apartment: Starting from € 1.650 (12 weeks)
  • Host family: Starting from € 3.320 (12 weeks)

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