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Reading Italian Magazines: a Great Way to Learn Italian

Newsstands and libraries are teeming with Italian magazines! As the proverb says: “Italy is a country of saints, poets, sailors”…and writers and journalists. If you are interested in a specific topic, don’t worry: you will find the right Italian magazine for your aim.

Despite this, reading Italian magazines is a really good idea to improve the Italian language.
Reading an Italian magazine is easier than reading the daily newspaper, for which you need to be constantly and quickly updated.

Actually, the magazine is a less pressured and timeless format to stay up to date on current topics and be engaged in different issues.

Mainly, through a magazine, you can discover the cultural background of the writer and appreciate different points of view.
It’s also possible to buy a subscription to your favorite Italian magazine.

There are many types of magazines, all manners you may search: about politics and news, photography’s, about fashion, sports, technology, cars, or just for men or women health, not least for different hobbies.


This magazine originally started with the purpose of translating some interesting articles from the most important and famous foreign newspapers.

Now, Internazionale includes many original contents from qualified journalists and high-skilled photographers. These are the authors of detailed reportages from all over the world.

Articles are about the situation in the Middle East or in Africa, the cultural problems after the last European economic crisis, or the issue of climate change. As its name clearly says, it’s the main international and cosmopolitan Italian magazine.

Of course, you can read the magazine directly on the website (with different contents by opinionators), but you can also buy it in the newsstands every Friday. It’s possible to try a first digital copy for free.



If you are passionate about science and technology, you can’t miss this Italian magazine. In a simple way, with non-academic articles, Focus goes out every month. There are spaces dedicated to cultural issues about future technology, or accurate update of robotics or illness global diffusion.

The subscription is available for both printed and digital publications. Besides, there are lots of different solutions, especially for the kids.
Similar to this there is also the Italian version of the magazine Scientific American called Le Scienze.

Donna Moderna

Donna Moderna

A specific example of a feminine Italian magazine is this weekly publication. It’s similar to the American Vogue or the English Vanity Fair, both published in Italian as well. Here, the utilization of images is quite essential.

Fashion shows and celebrities you can take cues from, interviews with fashion bloggers, or suggestions about perfumes and personal beauty: you can find all of this and much more. Subscription now is more than beneficial, as there are discounts for more than 50%.



Football is the Italian sport par excellence and this Italian magazine perfectly reflects this attitude.

There are detailed studies on the main football topics, and articles about the various coaches or the best striker of the moment. There are also interviews with famous players, not just the Italian ones. It’s for the insiders, for sure.

You can buy a single online copy or subscribe to an annual purchase – six publications, each every two months – for national or foreign delivery as well. Of course, you can read the articles directly on the website.

La Settimana Enigmistica

La Settimana Enigmistica

As the name suggests, this is a weekly magazine. Hold on, nothing is more classic to find in an Italian newsstand than this. It’s the traditional source of crosswords, rebus, and anagrams, sudoku, or any world search puzzles.

Well, to fully enjoy all of these games you’d better have advanced knowledge of the Italian language, as it’s often difficult to solve them also for a native speaker! But if you use to play with Italian words every day, it would be definitely useful mind training, and the subscription is really affordable.

Giallo Zafferano

Giallo Zafferano

It’s impossible not to mention another of the most appreciated topics in Italy: cooking. As you have already learned, every Italian region has its own specialties in food (and its own secret recipes).

In the last years, there have been more cooking shows on tv, as well as cooking websites and magazines. Giallo Zafferano is one of the most popular and reliable. Here you can find all kinds of Italian recipes – starters, pasta sauces, main or second courses, desserts – and a blog about users’ kitchen experiments on the website. There are also monthly publications, with seasonal follow-ups on special dishes!

Ciak Magazine

Ciak Magazine

Are you a big fan of cinema? Well, Ciak is the most updated magazine about the latest releases on film, nominations, and reviews. In its monthly publications, the editors allocate some awards to actors and actresses, filmmakers, and productions.

Of course, there are also insights into the main Italian film festivals. Together with Best Movie, it is the most popular Italian movie magazine.

Rivista Studio

Rivista Studio

Finally, if you want to keep up with the Italian cultural lifestyle, the magazine Rivista Studio is the one for you. It goes out one time a season, four numbers each year (it’s also possible a subscription for foreign delivery).

In this magazine, you can find different articles on the main current national issues, as the last news about film or books. Moreover, affirmed writes explain curiosities and characters of pop culture.

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  1. Some of the best YouTube videos on a craft I want to learn (bobbin lace) are in Italian. I have studied Latin in the past and know some Spanish, so understanding enough of the language for this purpose looks feasible. The talking online translators available are a real help!

  2. I do not mind reading outdated magazines as long as they are free (which they should). Ads for international brand products are fine since they pay for costs that magazines might incur into

  3. Thank you for an alternative way to study Italian. Italian magazines can be a good medium for learning the language. If I were to run a school that offers Italian courses for adults, I will definitely consider this advice from an expert like you.

    1. Ciao Valentina!
      Purtroppo non lo sappiamo, ma ti consigliamo di contattare direttamente la rivista che ti interessa, che certamente ha un modo per spedirtelo o fartelo trovare facilmente.
      Saluti da Firenze 🙂

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