Italian Intensive Courses

Sometimes to truly learn something all you need is complete immersion.

Devoting yourself to a language usually yields great results, as our experience shows, especially if you are free to practice without feeling rushed and without worrying about making mistakes.

Our school’s relaxed atmosphere will help you start learning or improving your Italian, and will make it very easy for you to meet new people and make new friends, thanks to the constant free time activities we arrange every week.

With our alternating Italian grammar, vocabulary and conversation lessons, you’ll be able to understand and to talk to people around the city straight away!

Hours and Prices

Italian lessons every morning and in the early afternoon.

Monday to Friday.
Classes from 9.00 to 12.40 and 13.10 to 14.50.
30 lessons per week
6 lessons per day
50 minutes each lesson
Weeks Price
1 333 €
2 566 €
3 799 €
4 999 €
8 1780 €
12 2475 €


No enrolment fee
Courses available all year round
Courses available for all levels
Class size: min. 2, max. 12 students
Age group division (when possible)
Flexible length of courses

Starting Dates

Non-beginners → every Monday

Beginners → every two weeks
08/01, 22/01, 05/02, 19/02, 05/03, 19/03, 26/3, 09/04, 23/04, 07/05, 21/05, 04/06, 18/06, 02/07, 16/07, 30/07, 06/08, 20/08, 03/09, 17/09, 01/10, 15/10, 29/10, 12/11, 26/11, 10/12

For any other number of weeks or to add any extra, contact us for a personal quote.

Any question? We are here to helpContact us


Each course includes: evaluation of Italian knowledge level, learning material, certificate of attendance, one coupon for learning tours, general support during the stay, wi-fi access, dvd & book loan.

Excluded: accommodation (visit the page for every information), other learning tours and activities during the week and the weekend.

Discover our “learning holidays”, packages which comprends courses, tours and accommodation! Visit the dedicated page.

Book your course or ask information!

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