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Are you looking for information about our courses, terms of payment or social activities? Here you can find the answers to your main questions!

*Note: The following questions refer only to face-to-face courses.

Application and Payments

Is there a registration fee or any additional costs?

No, we don’t ask you to pay any registration fee or any other additional costs!
The total amount to be paid is just the cost of the course.

How to apply?

You can apply very easily on our website, via the enrolment page.
If you have any questions before applying, send us an email.

How to pay?

You can pay within 5 days of your booking confirmation.
There are many ways you can pay: by bank transfer, in person (at Europass), or online with a credit card.

Can I pay in installments?

We offer payment in installments if you have booked over 4 weeks in advance, for our long-term courses.
If you book within 4 weeks of your arrival, then we ask you to pay the full sum in one transaction.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No, we don’t ask you any deposit.

I need a Visa. Will you send me supporting Visa documents?

Yes, we will send you all supporting visa documents after we have received your full enrollment.
For any information about your Visa, you can check the official Foreign Ministry website.

What happens if my Visa is denied?

If your Visa is denied, you must send us a written refusal from the authority with the reason for denial.
We will be able to refund you the full sum minus €150 for administrative charges.

Does the school need me to bring any legal documents with me (ID card/passport or other)?

No, you are not required to bring any legal documents – but we suggest you to take one, just in case you need it!

Courses: General Information

When can I start my course?

For non-beginners, our courses start every Monday. For beginners, every two weeks.
You can find all the details you need about dates, timetables and prices on this page.

Is there an entry test to find out my Italian level?

Yes, we ask you to answer a short test, useful for us to understand the level of your Italian and to put you in the right class.
We will send you the link to the test after you’ve made your application.

Can I change or extend my course?

You can choose to change your course from a standard to an intensive one, and you can add extra-curricular activities to your plan, once you arrive here . You can also extend your course at any time.

What does the course fee include?

For our standard Italian course, the course fee includes lessons every morning. There are 20 lessons per week, 4 lessons per day. Lessons last 50 minutes each.
Read our proposal to find out more.

Can I postpone my course?

Yes, you can postpone your course. Check all the dates and the timetables.

Can I miss a class?

You can miss a class if you tell us well in advance that you won’t be present for certain days: in this case, you can recover the classes.

How many levels do you offer?

We propose 7 levels of courses, including the one for beginners.

May I take a combination of different courses?

Yes, you can! For any questions, send us an email: we will help you to find the best combination of courses for your level and needs.

How many students are there in one class?

The classes are made up of a maximum of 10 students.
 This choice allows our teachers to concentrate on providing the most accurate and complete preparation for each student.
Any revision on the topic you’re studying is completely down to the individual.

What happens when the minimum number for a class is not reached?

If the minimum number for a class is not reached, then we shall change the course depending on what the student has booked. For example: if a student has booked 20 standard lessons, we can change these to 10 individual lessons.

What is the average age of the students?

We have a wide range of students – there is no maximum age. So, get ready to relate with many different people!

How much homework am I expected to do?

The amount of homework you have to do varies from day to day and depends on the teacher.
Sometimes you will have to do a few work exercises after class, but otherwise, you are not expected to do much homework.

Do I need to buy any books?

No, you don’t: all the material you need is provided by the school.

What’s the difference between “Cooking with friends” classes and “Cooking Masterclass” classes?

“Cooking with friends” lessons are perfect if you like spending your evenings relaxing with a large class (max. 12 participants) and meeting new people. Even though these are high-quality cooking classes, they are very fun and accessible, a nice cook and eat activity. The dishes you will prepare are already organized by the cooking school.
“Cooking Masterclass” classes are much more professional. They are held in a small class with max. 5 participants. Students will cook plenty of dishes, which will be decided according to the students’ preferences.
Find out more information about our cooking courses!

What’s the difference between the Standard Italian Course and the Italian Language Holiday?

A Standard Italian Course includes Italian lessons every morning from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 12:40 pm, with no extra activities.
The Italian Language Holidays include Italian lessons every morning from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 12:40 pm, as well as 3 guided tours and accommodation provided.

Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?

Yes, all of our students get a certificate at the end of their course, as proof of the level of language achieved.

Social Activities

Does the school have a social activity program?

Yes, of course! We are committed to offer a whole variety of activities so that our students can know each other better spending time together.
Europass social activity program includes a wide range of options: afternoon activities, weekend tours, food and art experiences, and much more!

Can I go on your activities even if I enroll in a simple Italian course and not on a Holiday package?

Of course! All our activities can be purchased separately.
Every student can join them and can invite friends – from inside or outside the school too!

Can you give examples of activities for the Solo Traveler program?

There are all sorts of activities for Solo Travelers, from music courses to art tours to yoga lessons.
If you’re looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to write us.
Find out more about Europass activities in Florence!

Can you give examples of activities for the Junior Programme?

There are all sorts of activities in our Junior Programme: tours of Florence, sport, outings to other nearby cities, photography sessions, cooking lessons, etc.
If you’re looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to write us.
Find out more about Europass activities in Florence!


Do you offer accommodation?

We help you to find the accommodation that best suits your needs: with a host family, shared accommodation in an apartment, or an independent apartment.
Discover more about your options to stay in Florence.

What does the accommodation fee include?

If you’re living with a host family, the accommodation fee includes: utility fees (electricity, gas, water), cleaning before arrival and after departure, set of bed linen and towels, washing machine (one load each week), wifi access, cost of food.
The price does not include the use of the kitchen (25€ per week, only upon request).
For shared accommodation and independent apartments, the accommodation fee includes all of the above, as well as the use of the kitchen.
For more information check our accommodation details.

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