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Application and Payments

Is there a registration fee, a deposit, or any additional costs?

No, there are no registration fees or additional costs. The total amount to be paid is the cost of the course.

What if I want or need to cancel the purchase?

In case of cancellation by the student, we will provide a discount code for the full price to attend other courses. Alternatively, it will refund the full amount minus 30% of the total.

How to pay?

Payment must be made in a single installment at the time of registration. Accepted payment methods include PayPal, Mastercard, or VISA credit and debit cards.

Upon request, for longer courses, it’s possible to make payment through bank transfer in multiple installments, paying 30% of the total price as a deposit and the remainder before the start of the course, but no later than two weeks before the course begins.

Can I receive an invoice?

Yes, we will send you an invoice upon request.

I need a Visa. Will you send me supporting Visa documents?

Yes, we will provide you with all the necessary supporting visa documents after receiving your full enrollment. For further information, you can refer to the official Foreign Ministry website.

What happens if my Visa is denied?

If your Visa is denied, you must provide us with a written refusal from the authority stating the reason for the denial. We will refund the full amount minus €150 for administrative charges.

Do you require any legal documents (ID card/passport) to be brought with me?

No, it is not required to bring any legal documents, but it is suggested to bring one, just in case.

Course Information – Online courses

When do the group courses start?

Our online courses are ongoing and, as more than 1’000 students choose to learn Italian with our online group courses each year, we can guarantee you to start the course the same week you enroll for most of the year. If there is not an ongoing course for your level at that specific moment we may ask you to wait some days before starting lectures.

What happens right after I purchase my private or group lessons?

You will have immediate access to our platform, where you will find our workbooks (PDFs) for each level. Our secretary and teachers will soon get in touch with you.

How many students are in a group?

Our classes have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 12 students. This allows our teachers to provide personalized attention and comprehensive preparation for each student.

Do teachers give homework?

Yes, they usually do. We provide workbooks (PDFs) for each level.

What happens if I miss a group lesson? Is it possible to interrupt the course and resume classes at a later date?

Yes, if you need to interrupt your lessons you can write to your school or directly to the teacher.

If I end up in a group where I realize that the level is not right for me, is it possible to change it?

Yes, to change your course level, you can discuss it with your teacher or send an email to the administration.

Do you provide a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, upon request, we can issue a certificate of attendance stating the knowledge level (according to CEFR) you have studied during your course. Please note that this is not an official CEFR-level completion certificate.

Course Information – Courses in Florence

Are your courses officially recognized? Our courses guarantee a certificate of attendance and, as our school is an accreditated University for Foreigners of Perugia exam center, we can help you prepare for the B1 Exam for Italian Citizenship and for the B2 Exam for University Admission. You can take the test directly here, at our headquarter in Florence.
We are also CSN, Bildungsurlaub, ASILS, and EDUITALIA accredited.
What is the minimum age to attend the courses?

A minimum age of 16 is required for participation in the courses. Junior programs are open from the age of 14.

Is there an entry test to determine my Italian level?

Yes, we require you to complete a short test to assess your Italian proficiency and place you in the appropriate class. The test link will be provided after you submit your application.

There is an additional one-on-one meeting with the teacher before the course start.

What happens if the minimum number for a class is not reached?

If the minimum number for a class is not met, we will make adjustments based on the student’s booking. For example, if a student has booked 20 standard lessons, we may switch them to 10 individual lessons.

Can I change or extend my course?

Yes, you have the flexibility to change your course from a standard to an intensive one and add extra-curricular activities once you arrive. Course extensions are also possible.

Can I miss a class?

If you know in advance that you will be absent on certain days, you can inform us, and we will arrange for you to make up the missed classes.

What happens if a course day is a National Holiday?

On national holidays, there are no lessons. For each missed course day, the student will receive a 40€ coupon.

How many students are in a class?

Our classes have a maximum of 12 students. This allows our teachers to provide personalized attention and comprehensive preparation for each student.

Is there homework assigned?

In most cases no, while some work exercises may be assigned, there is not an extensive amount of homework.
You will receive one or two textbooks you can use to practice by yourself too.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of my course?

Yes, all students receive a certificate of attendance indicating the level of language proficiency achieved, based on the CEFR standards. Please note that this is not an official certificate.


Do you offer accommodation?

As part of the course package, you’ll benefit from our accommodation assistance service. Our dedicated team has meticulously curated a range of options known for their high quality. You can explore the accommodation pricing details on the course pages. Please note that accommodation payments are separate from the course fees and should be settled directly with the host at a later stage.

What does the accommodation fee include?

The accommodation fee includes utility fees (electricity, gas, water), cleaning before arrival and after departure, bed linen and towels, washing machine access, Wi-Fi, and, for host families, the cost of food. The use of the kitchen is not included (an additional fee applies upon request).

Cultural Activities

Can I participate in cultural activities even if I enroll in a regular Italian course and not a holiday package?

Yes, all our activities can be purchased separately. Students can join the activities and also invite friends to participate.

What happens if I enroll in a language holiday for several weeks?

We ensure activity rotation within an 8-week cycle, therefore you can add one walking tour and a museum guided tour for week for up to two months without worries.

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