Learn Italian – Free Resources

Do you want to learn Italian but don’t know where to start? We have found some of the best online resources to spice up your Italian studies or help you learn the language for the first time.

As an Italian language school, we want to provide everyone with as many different Italian learning resources as we can because the more that people have the opportunity to explore the Italian language the happier we are!

Italian Tests

These are the free online tests we prepared to check the Italian language level.

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Italian Grammar

Here you can find all the main rules about Italian grammar: gender, number, articles, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and so on.

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The Podcast to Learn Italian: Italia 360°

The podcast dedicated to those who dream of Dolce Vita, love Mediterranean cuisine, want to learn the Italian language.

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Best Apps to Learn Italian

There’s an App for everyone who wants to learn Italian, grab your smartphone and find the one that’s perfect for you!

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girl listening to podcast

Best Audio and Podcasts to Learn Italian

Listen to the language and learn more about Italian culture wherever you are and whatever your interests.

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Best Books to Learn Italian

The best books our teachers use to teach grammar, vocabulary and to give an insight of Italian lifestyle and culture.

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Italian song video playing

Best Videos to Learn Italian

From grammar to culture: improve your Italian through the most helpful videos on Youtube.

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kids doing italian homeworks

Learn Italian for Kids

All of the best videos, apps, games, and stories to help your children learn the language.

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international class of teenagers

Learn to Speak Italian

The steps to follow to learn Italian language and reproduce the pronunciation correctly.

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Bust of Dante Alighieri, father of the current italian language

History of the Italian Language

A jump into the past to discover the most important historical aspects of the Italian language.

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guy visiting a florentine museum

Why Learn Italian Language

The main reasons why Italian has become the 4th most studied language in the world.

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Italian Language Certification: CILS, CELI & other Certificates

Compare the official Italian Language Certifications, released by universities and official cultural institutions.

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The best films to learn italian

The Best Movies to Learn Italian

Discover a list of some of the best Italian language movies to help you learn and improve your Italian, for all levels and ages!

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The Best TV Series to Learn Italian

Tv series are a fun and useful way to learn and improve your Italian. We recommend the best Italian TV shows, from beginner to advanced level.

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The Best Italian Novels to Learn Italian

Discovering the Italian language can be simpler if we start reading the original editions of the most significant “made in Italy” books.

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