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Here we gather all the information that might be useful for you, trying to answer your questions about life in Florence and the experiences here at Europass, and will tell you all about life in our small and welcoming school.

We are going to share all those little moments that help to curate the atmosphere of a place, which everyone who comes here love and are surprised by!

Moving to Italy: How to Plan your Stay

Table of Contents How to plan your move to ItalyThe best cities for moving to ItalyMilan RomeFlorenceHow to find your new homeFinding a job in ItalyHow to apply for an Italian work visaWhat documents you need to move to ItalyHow to meet new friendsLearning to speak ItalianPlan your move with Europass How to plan your […]

Learn the Italian Alphabet with this Old Funny Song

You know, once more than now it was enough to line up a few musical words to make a successful song. It was the time of the “Be-bop-a-Lula“, the times of the explosion of fun and post-war freedom and the rock’n’roll and rythm’n’blues music dealt with nothing but celebrating life. In Italy at that time […]

When Europass Was a “Horror” School [A Funny Video from 1993]

Our Italian language school was already a bit ‘crazy, from the earliest years of foundation. In 1993, just one year after the birth of our school, the teachers and our students all had fun together making this ironic video. It is, in fact, a “horror” video, in which Europass appears as “una scuola particolare“, where […]

The Art and Science of Teaching, at Europass

Table of Contents What is it?How are teachers trained?All locations Many of our students in the reviews leave a lot of positive comments about the preparation and updating of our teachers, and this always gives us great satisfaction. Also because it is certainly not accidental, but it is the result of the activities that the […]

The Stendhal Syndrome: Origin, Scientific Research, Film & Literature

Stendhal syndrome

Table of Contents Where does it originate?Scientific research of Stendhal SyndromeStendhal Syndrome film and literature Have you ever heard of Stendhal Syndrome? It’s a psychosomatic condition that can happen while visiting a museum or a city full of art just like Florence. Be aware of rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion or even hallucinations, everyone can […]

The Best Italian Language Tests

Table of Contents Oxford HouseEuropass Grammar ExercisesEFItalian Proficiency TestLanguage TrainersReading Speed TestEuropass Italian Language Test If you have already studied Italian but you have no idea of your actual level, you can possibly need to test yourself again. The best and fastest way to understand how good or bad you are at something is taking […]

Italian Language Dialects

Table of Contents TuscanNeapolitanSicilianVenetianLigurianSardinianApulianMap of italian dialects If you have never been to Italy you might not know that if we change city or region we don’t sound all exactly the same because we have many dialects. Yes, if you go to Rome and you listen carefully to people on the streets you might not […]

The Best Ways to Learn Italian Online

Table of Contents YouTubeRadioMusic, Songs and LyricsAppsTv Shows, Series and MoviesPodcastSkype Lessons with Europass We know it, learning a new language is not easy, especially if your mother tongue is totally different from the one you’ve chosen to practice. The italian language makes no exception. But if you want to challenge yourself, you should start […]

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