Customizable Italian Courses for Schools & Universities Groups

Are you looking for a unique and high-quality language learning experience for your school or university students?

Look no further, we will take care of everything!

Course description

At Europass, we have years of experience in organizing Italian language courses for schools and universities.

We understand that every group has unique needs and interests, which is why we offer customized courses tailored to your and your student’s preferences and goals.

Whether you want to focus solely on language learning or include additional activities such as art, cooking, or history, we will work with you to create a personalized and engaging program.

From transportation to accommodation, we will take care of everything for you.

Other than Florence, our hometown, classes can be held in other cities in Italy, particularly Elba Island, Rome, and Trapani, where we already organize other types of courses. But you can also choose any other cities in Italy that suit your needs.

With our commitment to quality, your students are guaranteed to receive a first-class education and a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.

Our teachers are passionate and knowledgeable, providing a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

Don’t just take our word for it, schedule a free online call with us to discuss your group’s goals and answer any questions you may have.

Let us help you provide your students with an unforgettable Italian learning experience!

What is included

Learning material
Coffee, tea and snacks
Small classes: min. 4, max. 12 students
Beatiful location in the heart of Florence

What can be included

Accommodation search
In-state transportation
Learning tours and activities
Other learning activities (painting, cooking, music, etc.)


Will you support us with Visa documents?

Yes, we can provide guidance and assistance with the necessary documentation to help facilitate the visa application process.

Where can we organize a group learning holiday?

In addition to Florence, we have experience organizing group learning holidays in other popular destinations such as Elba Island, Rome, and Verona. However, we are flexible and can work with you to organize a program in any city in Italy that suits your group’s preferences and needs.

What does the course fee include?

Our course fees are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements. In addition to language instruction, the fee can include various services such as transportation, cultural activities, and accommodation. We will work closely with you to design a package that best fits your group’s goals and budget.

Which are the basic features included in the courses?

All our courses include essential features such as learning materials, access to our language facilities, coffee, tea, and snacks during breaks, a flexible cancellation policy (with a 4-week notice), and a certificate of attendance upon completion.

How many students can be in one class?

We recommend creating groups of a maximum of 12 participants per class to ensure optimal interaction and personalized attention from our instructors. However, the class size can be adjusted based on your preferences and our availability.

Are there any age restrictions for participants?

We are used to working with participants from 14 years old onwards. Whether you are organizing a program for high school students, university students, or adult learners, we can tailor the course to suit the age and proficiency levels of your group.

What is the process for booking and payment?

To book a group learning holiday, simply reach out to us via email or phone to discuss your requirements and desired dates. We will provide you with a customized proposal outlining the program details and costs. Once you confirm your acceptance, we will guide you through the payment process, which can be done securely online or via bank transfer.

Can you arrange homestay accommodations?

Absolutely! We offer a range of accommodation options, including homestays with local families, which provide a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the Italian language and culture. Our team will work closely with you to arrange suitable homestay accommodation based on your group’s preferences and needs.

Can you provide references or testimonials?

Certainly! We have worked with numerous schools and universities in the past and would be happy to provide you with references or testimonials from our satisfied clients.
Please let us know your specific request, and we will gladly share relevant information.



I had a wonderful time at Europass! The teachers were amazing, and they created a comfortable atmosphere! The size of the classes was perfect to improve your Italian language skills! I really enjoyed the activities they offer in the afternoon. On the weekends they offer tours to other cities which are very interesting! I really enjoyed my time in Florence and I met a lot of nice people here!


This school has everything! Professional and passionate teachers, well-maintained rooms, lots of exciting activities every week, very good location, and the perfect number of students in the classroom. I would definitely recommend this to others that want to learn Italian because here you learn fast, and you learn a lot in a short amount of time!


I have really enjoyed my time at Europass. Teachers are not only extremely good at explaining things, but they show their passion and their ability to motivate students and create a fun learning environment. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who would like to learn or improve Italian language and culture. Everything is very well organized and there are lots of trips and social events which are great for making new friends.


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