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Europass is an Italian language school based in Florence, Italy, offering courses both online and on-site.

We founded it almost 30 years ago so that we could have our own place: welcoming, open, where it was easy to connect with others and experience something new.

Where are we?

We are lucky enough to be situated in one of the most beautiful buildings in the center of Florence, il Palazzo Galletti. We’re just a few minutes walk away from Piazza Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce.

The Galletti is a historic neoclassical building that was designed by the architect Vittorio Bellini back in 1831.

Our school occupies the second floor, the exterior of which accommodates four marble statues symbolizing the four seasons, that is, the symbol of the building.

Marble is also a characteristic element of the interior, as the three-story staircase is beautifully complemented by a marble balustrade. The majestic, amazingly adorned ionic columns represent the final touch that completes the entryway.

Discover the history of the building

Note: The school is equipped with a stairclimber, thanks to which we can welcome people with disabilities. This way, we reduce the impact that architectural barriers may have on access to our facilities.


Who are we?

Our teachers

Non-teaching staff


Our method

Our teaching method revolves first and foremost around practice, which, accompanied by grammar and rules of the language, allows our students to immediately experience the pleasure of advancing towards proficiency.

Both our online and face-to-face courses run in small groups of around 5 people, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 students.

Our online platform and all our classrooms are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to provide the best learning experience possible.

This allows for the combination of efficiency and the possibility of learning together with others.

We are committed to ensuring high standards of teaching by entrusting the courses to teachers:

Stable: 90% of the classes are taught by teachers employed under permanent contracts, with salaries significantly above the industry average.

Carefully selected and constantly updated: almost all of our teachers hold both a master’s degree and the DITALS certification.

How do we stay updated

Our quality commitment

Our Italian Language school laid the groundwork for Europass Teacher Academy, which is the largest network of high-quality teacher training providers across Europe.

From Florence, we continue to establish and oversee quality standards for over 300 diverse professional development courses offered in 29 different locations throughout Europe.

In 2024, more than 25,000 educators signed up for our courses.

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