Professional Development

The teachers at Europass have been able to improve their professional skills in various fields thanks to different Erasmus projects:

Thanks to the Erasmus+ accreditation won in 2021 (2021-1-IT02-KA121-ADU-000006818), many teachers embarked on individual mobility to attend professional development courses or engage in job shadowing in partner schools.

Erasmus KA1 funds were also used to bring expert trainers from abroad to conduct seminars for Europass school teachers.

Here below is a list of the training sessions from the last two years:

Training 2022

Educational Coaching Tools
7-11/02/2022 training in Malaga, Spain

CLIL Method
7-12/02/2022 training in Dublin, Ireland

Storytelling, humor, improvisation techniques, and stand-up comedy, in the classroom
8-10/03/2022 invited expert Carmine Rodi Falanga

Intercultural classroom management
21-25/03/2022 training in Malaga, Spain

Emotional learning and educational neuroscience in the classroom
6-9/06/2022 invited expert Veerle Ponnet

Team Building for School: Play and Fun, Building Educators’ Communities
27/06- 02/07/2022 training in Tenerife, Spain

Digital tools for teaching
13-17/11/2022 training in Istanbul, Turkey

Alternative Ways
23-25/11 invited experts Els Streefkerk and Arjen Barel, training for teaching languages to low-literacy foreigners through games and activities aimed at increasing self-confidence in learning a foreign language.

Training 2023

Job shadowing
30/01 – 3/02/2023 in a primary school in Vorbasse, Denmark

Leadership strategies, communication, and classroom management
31/01 – 02/02/2023 invited expert Thomas Frick

4Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking
13-17/02/2023 training in Seville, Spain

Use of Italian art and culture in language teaching
15-17/02/2023 invited expert Gianluca Olcese

Digital classroom
20-24/02/2023 training in Seville, Spain

Facing behavioral challenges
11-16/03/2023 training in Limassol, Cyprus

Digital Storytelling
27/03- 01/04/2023 training in Prague, Czech Republic

Using the voice in the classroom
2-4/05/2023 invited expert Jarek Sacharski

Environmental Stewardship: How to Reconnect with Nature
26-30/06/2023 training in Nice, France

The Democratic Life in the EU
23-28/10/2023 training in Dublin, Ireland

Resilience and Well-being Strengths
30/10- 04/11/2023 training in Tenerife, Spain

Thanks to the Erasmus+ Digitise – Toolkit for 50+ project (2021-1-RO01-KA220-000034802), our teachers developed their digital skills, allowing them to offer more interactive and effective lessons. They participated in training sessions on digital tools in Berlin, Cluj-Napoca, and Thessaloniki.

Through the Erasmus+ Creativity for Innovation project, our teachers learned innovative and creative methods for teaching foreign languages to adults. In particular, two teachers attented training on the Callan method in Zagreb (Croatia) and on storytelling in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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