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Europass Activities

At Europass, you will find a wide variety of tours and activities, throughout the year, that will allow you to have fun and entertaining days or afternoons.

Moreover, on weekends, you will have the chance to discover some of Italy’s most iconic cities!

guys florence panoramic point

Tours are included in our Learning Holiday Programs or can be purchased separately; students can join them and they can invite friends from inside or even outside the school.

The main language spoken during the tours is Italian, but of course, there’s the possibility to speak also in English so that all students (of every level, from beginner to advanced) can understand and get involved.

Walking Tours: 10

Our weekly Learning Tours are aimed at discovering – above all – the city of Florence, its neighborhoods, its monuments, and the vibrant hubs of city life. Every week you can see a new side of the city, through different lenses and insights.

We are lucky enough to have a teacher – Maurizio – with a deep knowledge of all of Florence’s hidden quirks and stories, and like him, all our guides can lead you to all the incredible aspects of our great city!

These are our tours, in order, from the most common to the least frequent:

Non-touristy Walk in the City Center

Escape the crowded streets and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the city. Explore picturesque alleyways and discover the hidden corners of Florence.


With bars, antique shops, artist studios, and taverns, this is the most authentic Florentine neighborhood, just beyond the Arno River.

Palazzo Vecchio

A journey into the heart of Florentine history through the halls of this majestic palace that has experienced the city’s destinies and its inhabitants.

Santa Maria Novella Neighborhood

An immersion into authentic Florence, through the streets and alleyways of this charming neighborhood, blending history and culture.

Medici Places

Discover the locations that played a significant role in the powerful Medici dynasty, their residences, fascinating anecdotes, and their impact on the city.

Salons of Florence

Explore the elegant historic salons of Florence, where art, culture, and society have twisted over the centuries.

Piazza del Duomo

An exciting experience in the heart of Florence: admire the magnificence of the Cathedral, the Baptistry, and the Bell Tower, true symbols of the city.

Tower Houses – Exploring Medieval Florence

With this tour, you can discover and explore the traces of the Middle Ages, still clearly visible, as well as the Roman era and the Renaissance, the city’s era of greatest glory.

Unknown Florence

Uncover forgotten stories, ancient legends, and hidden treasures of Florence, away from traditional tourist destinations.


In the middle of forests and olive groves, with an active Roman theater witnessing the city’s history, Fiesole rises on the hills behind Florence.

Florence in Dante’s Time

Travel back in time and immerse yourself in the Florence of the Sommo Poeta. Explore vibrant streets, markets, and places that inspired his immortal work.

Gardens of Florence

Immerse yourself in the green side of Florence and discover blooming gardens with centuries-old trees, fountains, and breathtaking views.

Artisan Workshops

A tour through the most important workshops and studios in the city center, still carrying on the tradition of Florence’s main heritage: craftsmanship and figurative arts.

Lungarno Walk

A walk along the river that cuts the city into two, through the main neighborhoods that overlook its shores, the squares, and the churches that retract its history.

Piazzale Michelangelo

Away from the city’s noise, from Piazzale Michelangelo, you can enjoy a breathtaking view and admire from afar all of Florence’s most iconic monuments.

Guided Tours (ticket included): 20

Every week, we organize at least one activity that requires an entrance ticket. Included in the price of €20, you will receive both the ticket and the opportunity to be led by one of our teachers, who will act as your guide.

For a fixed amount, we offer you a solution that includes all the different options, giving you everything you need without any organizational effort on your part.

These are our museum, church, and exhibition visits, in order, from the most common to the least frequent:

Santa Maria Novella Church

Discover Florence’s first major basilica and its convent – a museum of Gothic works by great Florentine artists and the oldest pharmacy in all of Europe.

Santa Croce Church

One of the most beautiful and rich churches in Italy, the finest example of Florentine Gothic architectural style, as well as the burial place of illustrious personalities from Italian history.

San Lorenzo Basilica

Designed by masters like Brunelleschi, it encompasses centuries of history and art. Explore the chapels and uncover the tombs of noble families that left their sign on Florentine history.

Medici Chapels

A place of extraordinary value, hidden in the heart of Florence, built by the Medici family behind the San Lorenzo church to show their power.

Museo degli Innocenti

Connect with the deep emotions behind the history of the Museum of the Innocents, a place rich in meaning that tells the story of abandoned children and their mothers.


Discover the ancient Bargello Palace, now a museum, which houses an exceptional collection of sculptures, artworks, and medieval and Renaissance artifacts.

Palazzo Davanzati

A Renaissance residence in the heart of Florence that will transport you back in time, showing you how wealthy Florentine families lived in the 15th century.

Opera del Duomo Museum

A unique museum to discover the timeless magnificence of Florence’s most famous monuments: the baptistery, the cathedral, the bell tower, and the masterpieces preserved by the Florentine diocese.

Boat Trip on the Arno with the “Renaioli”

Enjoy a different perspective of the city as you cross historic bridges and admire the buildings along the banks. The “Renaioli” will share stories and anecdotes about Florence’s history, offering you an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Uffizi and Accademia Gallery

In these museums, exceptional collections of paintings and sculptures await you, created by Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio, dating back to the 14th century and the Renaissance period.

Medici Villas

Country residences used to show power and wealth, as well as leisure destinations for their owners, while agricultural activities took place in the surrounding areas. This specific tour focuses on villas in the immediate vicinity of Florence.

Certosa del Galluzzo

A Renaissance charterhouse, just outside the city, in the olive groves – a place for meditation. A slightly more unique destination, away from the usual tourist spots.

Forte Belvedere

This historic fortress offers a unique experience that combines military history with a breathtaking view. Explore the impressive walls, immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere, and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Brancacci Chapel

A visit to the Brancacci Chapel is a journey through time and art. Here, some of the world’s most celebrated frescoes are housed, created by artists like Masaccio and Masolino, depicting significant biblical scenes.

Trips outside Florence -20%

Thanks to our collaboration with a reliable tour operator, you will have the chance to choose from over 100 weekend excursions!

You’ll be able to discover beautiful places and make friends, all while enjoying a glass of wine and breathtaking visits.

These excursions can be both half-day and full-day trips and are often available in multiple languages, not just Italian and English.

These are some examples of the most popular excursions:

  • Pisa (half-day)
  • Chianti Tour (half-day)
  • Pisa and Lucca
  • Venezia
  • Siena and San Gimignano
  • Montepulciano, Montalcino and Pienza
  • Cinque Terre

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