The Best Italian Language Tests

If you have already studied Italian but you have no idea of your actual level, you can possibly need to test yourself again.

The best and fastest way to understand how good or bad you are at something is taking a test, and we are here to give you the best Italian level test!

Oxford House

Simple and fast, you will find out your level in a minute.

Take it if you’re in a hurry! Try it here.

Europass Grammar Exercises

Here at Europass, we believe that it is very important to regularly practice the main grammatical constructs while learning a new language, that’s because we want you to test yourself with our exercises that are perfect for an intermediate level of study.

Click here to go to the exercises.


A test with different exercises and a few short comprehension texts.

This one can be useful to understand if you can handle a medium level short article.

Discover the test here.

Italian Proficiency Test

With different sections dedicated to grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension you can test your Italian in a few steps. At the end you will have your score ready, try it!

Language Trainers

Another interesting test with a nice peculiarity: you can decide to stop with your session whenever you want because of its seven sections made by ten questions each. Are you ready to test yourself?

Reading Speed Test

If you already feel confident with your Italian level, you can also test your reading speed! Grab your timer and start reading: you can both test your speed and your comprehension. Are you faster than the average Italian reader? If so, leave us a comment on our social profiles!

Europass Italian Language Test

Of course, you can choose not to leave our amazing website and move to our Italian online test which is one of the most complete and difficult on the internet. Here you can challenge yourself with 150 questions, divided into three levels of difficulty. Try it here and let us know how it was on our social media accounts.

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