What Is Opera? Did You Know it Began in Florence (in 1589)?

What is Opera? What does “Opera” mean? If we talk about music, “opera” is an Italian word which is well known all over the world. Perhaps not everyone knows the origin and meaning of this term. Opera comes from the Latin word opus (= work). In modern Italian, the verb operate means: do, create, build, realize. […]

Dante Alighieri (the Supreme Poet): Life and The Divine Comedy

Who was Dante Alighieri (The Supreme Poet)? Father of the Italian language How much do you think you know about Dante?  Do you remember if he was a black Guelph or a white Guelph? Do you know why he is considered the father of the Italian language? On this page, we will tell you about […]

Italian Language Dialects

If you have never been to Italy you might not know that if we change the city or region we don’t sound all exactly the same because we have many dialects. Yes, if you go to Rome and you listen carefully to people on the streets you might not recognize many words because of their […]

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