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Best Videos to Learn Italian

Videos are a great way for anyone to learn or practice Italian, you can watch them as you travel, while you cook or while you sit around the house!

There is a huge range of videos available, some teach the most important Italian grammar, others teach some important Italian words or phrases, and others allow you to learn about Italian culture or cities while you listen to an Italian native speaker talking.

We, here at Europass, have searched the internet and found some of the best videos for practicing Italian, and we hope as you watch some of them your Italian will quickly improve!

A1/A2 – Beginners

Top 25 must-know Italian phrases

This video is very useful for absolute beginners who want to gain some kind of a foundation in the language or for anyone who is traveling to Italy and wants to be able to communicate at least a bit with the locals. It teaches 25 important phrases, ranging from how to introduce yourself to how to ask for directions or the bill in a restaurant. The video is presented by an Italian native speaker who speaks very slowly and repeats the phrases many times, which makes learning both the words and the pronunciation far easier. It doesn’t teach any grammar, but sometimes a few key phrases are the best place to start!

Learn 125 Beginner Italian Words

This video is another useful video for beginners, it teaches 125 basic Italian words on a range of different themes, like fruit, jobs, or clothes. The video talks very slowly and puts each word into a sentence to make it easier to understand and remember. The majority of the video is in English, however, meaning that it is suitable only for absolute beginners as more advanced students may get bored by the pace and simplicity.

Present tense of regular verbs

This video is great for beginners who want to start to get an understanding of Italian grammar, it teaches the present tense conjugation of regular verbs and is a good starting point for students who want to learn Italian. The video talks very slowly and so are easy to understand.

Italian Words Pronunciation

The pronunciation of Italian is one of the hardest, but most important, aspects of the language and so this video is very useful for anyone trying to learn Italian. It is presented by a native speaker, who explains how different sounds and letter combinations should be pronounced. The video is quite long but explains the different sounds very clearly giving long lists of examples.

B1/B2 – Intermediate

Learn 125 Intermediate Italian Words

Here you can find some short interesting lessons on the Italian vocabulary related to a specific field. It is a very helpful exercise, as you not only read the word and listen to its pronunciation but also learn how to use it in a specific context or in a sentence.

Italian listening comprehension

This useful video lesson is divided into four steps, helping you to test your listening comprehension. You will have to look at an image, listen to a question, listen to a dialogue and then answer the question. All the solutions are below the video, but we suggest you watch them only at the end of the exercises.

Italian language Dictation Exercise

Thanks to this video you can practice your Italian writing skills, as it focuses on a dictation exercise. First, the teacher reads quickly, then repeats the dictation more slowly to allow you to better understand. You can check and correct your dictation with the script that is below the video box.

Italian present perfect

This is a clear and smart lesson on all you need to know about the Italian present perfect. You will be given an introduction of the Italian past tense, some explanations of the formation of the regular past participle, the conjugation of verbs in the past tense and a set of exercises to show the comprehension.

C1/C2 – Advanced

Present Subjunctive tense

With this 9 minute video, you will be introduced for the first time to the use of the Italian subjunctive. The video guides you and helps you better understand how and when to use this verb through comparisons with the English language.

Top 10 Hardest Italian Words to Pronounce

Are there any Italian words you would like to use but sound unpronounceable? This video shows the 10 most difficult words to pronounce, but yet very used in everyday Italian conversation.

Italian if clauses

The hypothetical period (if clauses in English) is probably the most important thing that any Italian student should know. The funny thing is that even the Italians make many mistakes about it! This short video shows how to form the different types of the hypothetical period: reality, possibility, impossibility.

10 Hilarious Italian Expressions

Learning to use these idiomatic expressions will really surprise your Italian friends! Here you will find the 10 most used Italian idioms, with the literal translation of their meaning and the corresponding equivalent in English.

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