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Best Videos to Learn Italian

Videos are a great way for anyone to learn or practice Italian, you can watch them as you travel, while you cook or while you sit around the house!
Learn italian with songs and other videos

There are a huge range of videos available, some which teach the most important Italian grammar, others which teach some important Italian words or phrases and others which allow you to learn about Italian culture or cities while you listen to an Italian native speaker talking.

We here at Europass have searched the internet and found some of the best videos and YouTube channels for practicing Italian, and we hope as you watch some of them your Italian will quickly improve!

YouTube Channels

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

A very popular channel for people who want to learn or improve their Italian. There are a huge number of videos for you to watch, and they are all presented by an Italian native speaker from Rome.

“Learn Italian with Lucrezia” is perfect for absolute beginners because there are a series of videos which teach some of the basics of Italian like the alphabet or the present tense of verbs; however it is also perfect for more advanced students and has lessons on the subjunctive and prepositions.

The videos are also excellent as some of them focus on very specific aspects of the Italian language, like the pronunciation of double z or the difference between particular words. This channel is one of the best we have found as it also offers the opportunity to simply practice listening to Italian, as Lucrezia presents a number of vlogs around European cities or Q and As with family members or other Italian speakers.

The videos are all extremely useful and easy to understand, and there is something for everyone no matter your level or interests.  New videos are uploaded every week, and the content changes from week to week, one week it may be a vlog, the next a lesson and the following a review of an app or Italian film. All of the videos are available on YouTube and there is also a blog to accompany the channel, with advice about how to learn Italian or the best places to travel and eat.

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Italy Made easy

A great channel for students of every level who want to improve their Italian. The channel contains a whole range of videos which are perfect for students of every level, from those who are just starting out to students who have already been studying for a while.

There are videos on a range of different themes, from the Italian alphabet, to Italian pronunciation as well as some of the more complex and advanced pieces of grammar (which are harder to find on other channels). Italy Made Easy is particularly useful for English speakers who want to learn Italian as it explains some of the more tricky grammar aspects in English, which makes them easier to fully understand and master, although some of the videos are completely in Italian which is helpful for students who want to improve their listening.

Some of the most useful videos teach essential Italian expressions, Italian greetings and the differences between the passato prossimo and the imperfetto. New videos are uploaded multiple times every week, and there is also a website to accompany the channel which offers free lessons and paid courses, but this channel is a must for anyone who wants to master the language!

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Learn Italian with Italian Automatico

This is an excellent channel full of useful videos on a range of different topics which can help students of every level improve. The videos are all very different, some teach an element of Italian grammar, others discuss important Italian words or phrases, while others may discuss Italian culture or be an interview with other Italian native speakers, making the videos perfect for anyone – those who want to learn specific grammar rules, or those who just want to listen to spoken Italian while they learn more about Italian culture.

The videos are all easy to understand, as Alberto speaks slowly and clearly and there are English subtitles for most of the videos. This channel is perhaps one of the best resources as it is accompanied by a blog, website and series of podcasts which can be accessed alongside the videos to help you learn Italian, and you can sign up to an online language course with even more PDF and audio files to download. New videos are regularly uploaded and are all of a very high quality and you never know what the next video will be about, one of the most recent videos is a vlog from right here in Florence. All of the videos are available on YouTube and other resources are available at their official website.

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Learn Italian with Italian Pod 101

A very useful channel for any students wanting to learn Italian, there is a huge range of videos available; with topics ranging from grammar and vocabulary to how New Year’s’ Day is celebrated or questions about the history of the language. This channel is suitable for students of all levels, but the videos which teach certain aspects of the grammar are more relevant for students with only a basic understanding of Italian as the content is not particularly complex.

There are a couple of video series which are particularly useful – one which teaches the 25 most important verbs, adjectives and nouns, and another called ‘Learn Italian in 3 minutes’ which teach some simple phrases about a range of themes. Another positive aspect of this channel is that it is great to use to simply practice listening as there are a number of listening comprehension videos for beginners, intermediate and more advanced students, which could be a great tool for all Italian students. All the videos are available on YouTube and there is a website with other resources that can be downloaded.

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Breaking Italy

An excellent channel for more advanced students who want to improve their knowledge of Italian or current affairs in both Italy and around the world. The videos all talk about a different news story in either Italy or other parts of the world, recent themes have included the gender pay gap, Burka bans throughout Europe and specific events in particular Italian cities. The videos are all very interesting but last slightly longer than others, lasting more or less 15 minutes.

Each video is presented by an Italian native speaker from Sardinia, and are completely in Italian with no subtitles,  meaning that they are slightly harder to understand but are nonetheless still a great tool to practice Italian with, as you can practice your listening skills while learning some more complex and specific vocabulary. New videos are released 3 times a week and with such a large selection of videos available there really is something for everyone.

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Learn Italian Language

This channel is filled with useful videos for learning Italian. There are a number of different lessons and each one teaches something different about how to survive life in Italy, like how to have telephone conversations in Italian, how to do the shopping and how to check in for a flight. The videos are particularly useful for students who have just begun learning Italian but can also help students who just want to have a basic understanding of the language or communicate with locals.  The videos are also very clear, and speak very slowly and repeat each word or phrase several times using Italian subtitles and English explanations meaning that the videos are perfect for beginners but anyone trying to learn Italian can benefit from them.

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An excellent channel for beginners who want to learn the basics of the Italian language. There are a range of videos on the most basic parts of the Italian language, like the present tense of verbs or how to introduce yourself in Italian. The videos are all presented by an Italian native speaker who speaks very slowly making the videos easy to understand and follow. Due to the fact that the videos are very simple they are only really suitable for students with a very limited understanding of Italian, or who want to get themselves up to scratch. The number of lessons available is also smaller than on other channels and so this channel would be perhaps best used alongside others or other resources.

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Top 25 must know Italian phrases

This video is very useful for absolute beginners who want to gain some kind of a foundation in the language or for anyone who is travelling to Italy and wants to be able to communicate at least a bit with the locals. It teaches 25 important phrases, ranging from how to introduce yourself to how to ask for directions or the bill in a restaurant. The video is presented by an Italian native speaker who speaks very slowly and repeats the phrases many times, which makes learning both the words and the pronunciation far easier. It doesn’t teach any grammar, but sometimes a few key phrases are the best place to start!

Learn 125 Beginner Italian Words

This is another useful video for beginners, it teaches 125 basic Italian words on a range of different themes, like fruit, jobs, or clothes. The video talks very slowly and puts each word into a sentence to make them easier to understand and remember. The majority of the video is in English, however, meaning that it is suitable only for absolute beginners as more advanced students may get bored by the pace and simplicity. There is also a similar video available for intermediate students which teaches 125 slightly more complex Italian words.

Present tense of regular verbs

This video is great for beginners who want to start to get an understanding of Italian grammar, it teaches the present tense conjugation of regular verbs and is a good starting point for students who want to learn Italian. The video talks very slowly and so is easy to understand, however it is probably a bit boring for students who have already studied the language.

How to pronounce Italian words

The pronunciation of Italian is one of the hardest, but most important, aspects of the language and so this video is very useful for anyone trying to learn Italian. It is presented by a native speaker, who explains the how different sounds and letter combinations should be pronounced. The video is quite long, but explains the different sounds very clearly giving long lists of examples and should be watched by anyone who wants to understand how Italian should be pronounced.

Check out this video!

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