The Best Ways to Learn Italian Online

We know it, learning a new language is not easy, especially if your mother tongue is totally different from the one you’ve chosen to practice.

The italian language makes no exception. But if you want to challenge yourself, you should start immediately because we believe that it’s never too late to discover the fantastic Italian culture and its vocabulary.

In order to become familiar with the Italian language you should start from tools that are easy to find. We suggest you to do your research online but don’t worry, we don’t want to leave you alone!

Here’s a few easy ways to start learning Italian on the internet:


If you’re looking for hundreds of free videos by Italian teachers, you are in the right place!

On YouTube you can easily find the channel that suits you the most choosing from different levels, topics and methods.

We selected a few channels here.

This, instead, is a list of helpful single videos to practice the language, divided by the different levels.


Don’t underestimate the power of the radio! In Italy we have a lot of radio stations and Italians still love to listen to them.

Act like a local, and choose a channel that’s not only about music.

There are many radio shows that you can listen to everytime you want and you can also take advantage of your free time to tune in while you’re cleaning the house or you’re cooking dinner.

Check out our favourite radio shows

Music, Songs and Lyrics

Learning Italian can be fun and easier when you listen to italian songs!

From indie artists to classic evergreens, music in Italy is taken seriously.

If you have already opened Spotify but you don’t know where to start, you should totally read this article about the best songs to learn Italian.

You can also download Musicxmatch, an app with all the lyrics you need.

Read its story, it was founded right here in Italy.


If you want to practice your writing or reading skills why don’t you try with a mobile app? Just browse the app store of your smartphone to discover endless possibilities, most of them are free!

Best apps to learn Italian online

Tv Shows, Series and Movies

Sit on the couch, take a glass of (Italian) wine, and learn Italian in front of the tv!

Learning a language with tv shows can be fun especially because you can find different styles of talking on hundred of topics and you can still doing it outside of Italy.

You can follow these simple steps to watch RaiPlay, the official online player for Rai (the Italian national public broadcasting company), to enjoy its tv shows.

Otherwise you can choose among our favourite series or movies.


A new way of learning Italian is listening to online podcasts! They can help you to become familiar with the language and you can choose specific streamings for beginners.

We collected the best Italian podcasts here.

Skype Lessons with Europass

Yes, you can now take as many private online lessons as you want with our marvellous teachers!

We offer the same approach as the lessons we hold here in Florence with a laid back atmosphere and the professionality that identify us.

Our lessons are tailor-made on your necessities and you can also share them with a friend. Sounds good, right?

Discover more about our private Italian lessons online.

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